Official Statements

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2018 Official SCWCC Statement:

The SCWCC does not endorse any candidates for the upcoming election and encourage everyone to vote.

SUPPORT – Vote YES Proposition 109
Support this proposition. It fixes and addresses high-priority and specific highway projects without raising taxes and it forces the state to use the funds to fix roads instead of spending it on discretionary non-related projects.

OPPOSE – Vote NO Proposition 110
Another inspired tax increase that would make our sales tax too high and create a disadvantage to business. If passed, Colorado Springs would trade $50 million per year that’s dedicated to local roads for $18 million.

OPPOSE – Vote NO Proposition 112
The SCWCC always supports the safety and protection of our citizens, children, and community. However, this Proposition 112 goes too far Colorado as there are already stringent regulations to protect the wellbeing and safety of our community. Proposition 112 would be a major economic impact and would eliminate almost 150,000 jobs across industries, and not just in the oil and gas industry. It is estimated that roughly 68,000 of those jobs to be eliminated belong to women. We encourage our members to vote no on Proposition 112.

OPPOSE – Vote NO on Amendment 73
The tax implementations of Amendment 73 are too burdensome and locks that burden into the state’s constitution with no guarantee that the funds will result in educational achievements. This amendment would also take our state from having among the lowest income tax rates to the 8th highest. The C-Corporate rates would increase by 30% making it a challenge to attract new businesses to Colorado which in turn make it harder for employers to hire qualified employees. This amendment would have an even a greater impact on small businesses by as twice as much and result in a 78% increase in state taxes. We encourage our members to vote no on Amendment 73.

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