Past Accolades Recipients

2019 Accolades Winners

Business Leader of the Year

Diane Price
President and CEO
Early Connections Learning Centers

Diane Price has been President and CEO of Early Connections Learning Centers since 1989. She has expanded services to include behavioral health, added infant and toddler care, implemented a literacy-focused curriculum, expanded family engagement and support, developed collaborations with key community partners, instituted continuing professional development and created a professional network of family child care homes.

The longevity of tenure among her leadership staff is a key indicator of her management style and success in developing business women.
She is frequently called upon by state government officials and leaders to serve on task forces and committees which shape the future of early education in our state.
She believes wholeheartedly that quality is better than quantity and encourages collaborations designed to reduce the duplication of services.

Early Connections Learning Centers is a $5.2M organization with multiple sites, approximately 100 employees and serves 700 children every year. Diane has led the growth of Early Connections for three decades. Her ability to manage an organization of this size speaks volumes about her business acumen and dedication to the children of our community.

Diane has never lost sight of her most important mission – the children. Diane’s leadership is long-standing in this community and has influenced the lives of countless numbers of children and families.

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