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In order for you to gain maximum benefits from your Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce membership, we recommend you become involved with a committee.

Effective committees don’t just happen. They are a combination of the right individuals, a strategic plan focusing on goals and good leadership. Serving on a committee offers the opportunity to play a relevant leadership role, increase the value of membership and increase visibility among member businesses. If you are someone that is looking to become active in the SCWCC and making a difference SCWCC encourages you to join.

To learn how you can get involved, please email the Chamber at

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee monitors all aspects of membership, including recruitment, retention and education – welcoming new members, teach them about SCWCC and ensuring the new member experience meets everyone’s expectation. They also serve as active ambassadors assisting with event registration and member liaisons to provide outreach and support to the business community.

For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Chair: Terri Flores-Brown, CFD
Committee Co-Chair: Llana Tolbert

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of sponsorships for the SCWCC and its activities. This includes special events, workshops, guest speakers, networking events, community events, and valuable programs for our members.

If you are interested in supporting your community and driving sponsorships for programs that positively impact our members and the Colorado Springs community, we want you on our committee.

For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Chair: Zach Ledbetter

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee designs and develops content for and plans and executes high-profile educational corporate events to support the strategic goals of the SCWCC. Committee members assist in conceptualizing events, curating engaging content and producing events. The committee works with SCWCC members to identify program topics, recruit speakers, and to create agendas for educational programs and monthly luncheons.

For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Chair and Program Manager: Tamara Moore
Committee Co-Chair: Debbie Swanson

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee assists in the planning, execution, increases participation for and post production follow-up of events for the annual Accolades Business Leader of the Year Luncheon, Holiday Luncheon Gala in addition to other, special high-profile events.

For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Co-Chairs: Megann Murphy & Gina Kaiser

Young Professionals Committee

The goal of the SCWCC Young Professionals is to bring together local young professionals looking to expand their network and to share ideas, goals and challenges with a diverse group of peers to advance professionally.

For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Chair:
Committee Co-Chair: Bree Shellito

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee provides for the exchange of ideas and information which support business and economic development and promotes a growing and thriving community. The committee monitors the legislative agenda, informs members of issues arising and conveys member expectations to our elected officials.

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For additional information, email and contact:
Committee Chair: Codi Thurness
Committee Co-Chair: Barbara Myrick

Join a Committee

The SCWCC Board of Directors invites members in good standing to serve on any of the working committees shown that may be of interest. Volunteer by filling out this application and emailing it to Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Download Volunteer Committee Application